Nicholas' Baptism pictures!

On August 5, 2001, my mommy and daddy had me baptized at the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. What follows are some pictures from that baptism.

In the top picture, my kuma Helen is holding me to be blessed by the Priest.

My mommy and grandfather, George are with me in this picture.

In the above picture, my Grandfather Walter and my Daddy are holding me.

This picture shows my living grandparents and my parents.

After the Baptism, my grandparents threw a party for me. Here are some of my mommy's many friends who studied with her at Wellesley College along with their kids and husbands.

Here, I am being held by my grandfather's cousin, Peca who drove all the way from Toronto to see me get baptized.

We visited my Auntie Vera in Rhode Island a few days after the Baptism and here I am being held by my Auntie Vera.

In the above picture, my Aunti Katsie is holding my cousin Caleb.

Here, my Grandfather George is holding me and my cousin Caleb.

Finally, my Daddy is holding my cousin Caleb while my Uncle Chris is holding me.

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